Life happens EVERYDAY and it just so happens to be great, if you make it great!

I will explain how I have my blog set up, Sunset Blvd is the main blogger, but the twist to the mix is at the end of every sensational blog post 😉 there will be a small section for our very own”Mantra Mama” to express some of her delightful words of wisdom. More details will come in that section of this post!! (for giggles and what not, just know that I (the author of all of this) am both Sunset Blvd and Mantra Mama. You are welcome for the end of that confusion…. unless you are still confused. Please breath in hold it for two seconds…….1 ……..2…….let it out slowly while shutting your eyes, repeat once more. (That is basically Rhythmic breathing and/or deep breathing. I do this a lot throughout the day, it can help focus your attention inward and reduce anxiety; just some random food for thought).

If you have made it this far CONGRATULATIONS, you are the coolest person on this earth. *Applause* *pen drops but no one heard it*

Today we will be talking about the reality of being adults, and having a family; how it sometimes affect us, mentally…then physically, then those around us. For me personally, sometimes being a mother of two little one’s while also being a wife.. Then on top of those wonderful things, I am a full time student and an aspiring entrepreneur, VERY proud, and goal oriented. All great things, right? Well sometimes, no. They are horrible things sometimes… because they are huge triggers for stress (anxiety/depression), but not because I don’t love all of it, but only because I care so much that it’s entirely impossible to put all the passion and heat into every single one of those things EVERY single day!! This is okay though because it is NORMAL… to a certain a extent. We will get more into that soon.

A not so fun-fact and a fun fact:

-[[New studies found 43% of people were more likely to die at an earlier age than those who didn’t have depression or chronic stress.]]

-Hello sunshine, the holidays/birthdays make my day, because as parents or people in general we are usually on our A-Game for those days. (Nods head thoroughly in agreement, because YAAS!)

Having anxiety and/or depression,(chronic stress) Anything…… It is real, it is temporary, and you are not alone. Not everyday will be perfect, but every day can be GREAT…if you make it that way.

As my lovely husband always reminds me, I’ll do the same for you amazing folks;

-If you don’t like how you are feeling, or how you are thinking….RE-WRITE YOUR OWN NARRATIVE… and LIVE IT.-

Love, Sun Set Blvd.

**SO with all that information I want to get going onto the next section for you guys!!**

——–Mantra Mama——–

Let’s get into the purpose of a mantra… it is to provide motivation and encouragement; when your mind needs to fulfill a goal, and stay focused.

As a mother I know how it feels to have the beautiful days, and the hardly want to stand up days. They come, but my main goal, is to help any parent reading this, to remember that it’s all normal and it’s all temporary. So enjoy it the best you can, because time pauses for no one. The good thing though is that time is endless. So yes there’s more time, but how will you spend it? Worrying about tomorrow? Or how about instead wondering which game to teach your kid how to play, because you loved doing that with your parents when you were little… How awesome and simple that would be. So do it live your best life, everyday. That can mean anything!! I feel we tend to forget that it’s okay to be simple human beings.. not in a boring, mean kinda way.. but in a throw your hair up and run around like a little kid again way. Then be thankful that you can, and if you can’t… ask yourself why? If there isn’t anything you can do;just ask yourself “what else can you do?” I promise there is something. There doesn’t have to be any ends or doubts. Time is endless, therefor your options are endless, for you, and your family. ((if you haven’t any kids? Then your family, close friends, animals))

Love, Mantra Mama.

With that being said, I will use this section to explain the use of the two names “Sunset Blvd”, and “Mantra Mama”, If anyone has any question about life its self, has anxiety/depression, or just needs someone to speak with in general. Or just wants to tell their story about how they overcame something, or they need to overcome something, Sunset Blvd is your person, Also if you need Mantra Mama, as in you have children questions, parenting questions, mom questions, you NAME IT, Mantra Mama is here. 

Just e-mail Either write SunsetBlvd OR MantraMama at the start of your email and I will respond ASAP! 🙂

(Again, If you have some questions, or anything at all that you want to reach out, PLEASE e-mail me!) ALSO,make sure to send your mailing address if you would like me to personally mail you a card with some kind words of wisdom, or advice to your specific e-mail! Just one positive act to another type of thing! 🙂 Until next time…


The Beatles 



The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I have been through a lot in my life, but not once have I let it break me. I have come to the conclusion, that I’ve been through what I have to help others get through their struggles.

Not only am I so excited to be here typing this but I am so happy and thankful for the opportunity to reach millions of different people that go through the same daily struggles life can offer sometimes.

We can make life a little better and a little brighter, with just a change in perspective and a change in heart.

So like my header says, stick around…. And we’ll do just that.

Love, Sunset Blvd. 🌤️

“I have found that if you love life, life will love you right back…”

-Arthur Rubinstein.